Pastoral Reflections

Pastoral Reflections

Pastoral Reflections is an uplifting and inspiring, 30-minute ecumenical program intended to deepen and enrich one’s understanding of their spiritual and human journey. The program feature’s PRI’s creative director, Father Don Fischer, as he reflects on each Sunday’s Scripture readings and how the prevailing message each Sunday is rooted in the recognition that as believers, we are called to accept our imperfect human condition and its perfect complement - the indwelling presence of a loving God. Father Don has always looked for the story within the story, going beyond the subtle teachings of Christ telling us what to do or what to believe, to the messages that heal and transform us as Christians.

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About Father Don Fischer

Born in 1940 to Fred Fischer and Muriel Hehman, Don is one of five children: Fred an older brother, Tom, his younger brother who died in childbirth, and two younger sisters, Kathy and Libby. Kathy chose a career in nursing and Libby became a therapist. Their father was a traveling salesman, a career that required changing territories, which meant the family moved often. In fact, from birth through high school Don moved 9 times between 5 states. Being raised primarily by his mother, at a very young age Don took on the role of taking care her emotional needs, which profoundly influenced life.

Graduating from Richardson High School in 1958, he then went to the University of Dallas and after his sophomore year decided to enter the seminary. He attended St. Bernard Seminary in Cullman, Alabama, and then St. John Home Missionary Seminary in Little Rock, Arkansas.

After his ordination he took assignments in Dallas as assistant pastor at St. Thomas Aquinas Church for two years, at St. Monica Church for 4 years, and then as chaplain at the University of Dallas for 13 years. After that, Don received his first role as pastor of St. Bernard of Clairvaux Church where he served for nine years, followed by fifteen years at St. Joseph Church in Richardson.

In 2010, he chose to retire at age 70 and built a small home in east Dallas where he now resides. This period of his life, he feels, has been a great blessing, giving him the opportunity to reflect on his journey and discover hidden patterns that were at work guiding him to to achieve his destiny. 

Today, he continues to guide Pastoral Reflections Institute offering his weekly homilies on the radio and online, giving lectures, conducting local retreats and pilgrimages to Tuscany. 

Grounded in the Catholic tradition, Msgr. Don's faith has been deeply impacted by Jungian therapy, the practice of meditation and yoga, the discoveries of quantum physics, and insights into the evolution of human consciousness. He finds his ministry more exciting and feels more enthusiasm, despite his age, for the life he now lives.

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