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Pastoral Reflections with Father Don Fischer


Pastoral Reflections is an uplifting and inspiring, 30-minute ecumenical program intended to deepen and enrich one’s understanding of their spiritual and human journey. The program feature’s PRI’s creative director, Father Don Fischer, as he reflects on each Sunday’s Scripture readings and how the prevailing message each Sunday is rooted in the recognition that as believers, we are called to accept our imperfect human condition and its perfect complement - the indwelling presence of a loving God. Father Don has always looked for the story within the story, going beyond the subtle teachings of Christ telling us what to do or what to believe, to the messages that heal and transform us as Christians.
6:30AM - 7:00AM

The Flot Line

Rick teaches principles from the Bible focusing on God’s 10 unique problem-solving devices designed to act as a main line of resistance in your soul (a FLOT line) preventing the outside sources of adversity from becoming the inside pressure of . . .

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