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Logan and Jay breakdown Jim Jordan's plan to subpoena Nina Jankowicz in the new Congress.
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The Officer Tatum Show with Officer Tatum

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The Officer Tatum Show is thought provoking, inspiring, and filled with raw truth. The show will cover current news events and topics that are culturally relevant. Call 844.900.7243 to interact with the show!
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Dennis Prager with Dennis Prager

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Why won’t the Pravda media report on the Laptop from Hell? Is it not newsworthy? How did Elon Musk become the worst person in the world? Why does Colorado continue to persecute religious Christians? Plus, did the Feds just prove that Jan 6 was a spontaneous riot and not a planned coup?

11:00PM - 12:00AM

Mike Gallagher with Mike Gallagher

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Elon Musk vows ‘more smoking guns’ to be revealed by Twitter after Hunter Biden bombshell Hunter Biden laptop bombshell: Twitter invented reason to censor Post’s reporting Scientist who worked at Wuhan lab says COVID was man-made virus LA County set to reinstate indoor-mask mandate as COVID surges Jeffries says Biden presidency has ‘extraordinary record,’ looks […]

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