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politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 9:07 AM

US applications for jobless benefits increased last week

More Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, but the labor market remains strong even in the face of persistent inflation and a...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 8:55 AM

UN rights body rejects Western bid to debate Xinjiang abuses

In a close diplomatic victory for China, the U.N.’s top human rights body has voted down a proposal from Britain, Turkey, the United States and...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 8:38 AM

Brittney Griner at 'weakest moment' in Russia, her wife says

WNBA star Brittney Griner is at her “absolute weakest moment in life right now” as she faces a hearing in Russia later this month for her...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 8:21 AM

Sweden seizes evidence at Baltic Sea pipeline leak site

Sweden’s domestic security agency says its preliminary investigation of leaks from two Russian gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea “has strengthened...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 8:05 AM

Australian police make first arrest in Optus hack probe

A police investigation of a cyberattack on an Australian telecommunications company in which the personal data of more than one third of...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 8:04 AM

Judge fines Lebanese bank heist figure, issues travel ban

A Lebanese judge has fined and issued a six-month travel ban to a woman who stormed her bank with a fake pistol and forcefully withdrew her...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 8:01 AM

Falsehoods, harassment stress local election offices in US

Local election offices across the U.S. have seen the movement spawned by former President Donald Trump that spreads false election narratives...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 7:33 AM

Loretta Lynn's songs resonate anew amid abortion debate

Country queen Loretta Lynn spoke honestly about teenage pregnancy, birth control and abortion

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 7:26 AM

Pakistani FM says water receded 50% in flood-ravaged Sindh

Pakistan’s foreign minister says about 50% of the water has receded in the country’s worst flood-hit province

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 7:16 AM

Pope Bahrain trip blends Muslim outreach, Catholic ministry

The Vatican has released details of Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to Bahrain

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 7:11 AM

Live Updates: Russia-Ukraine War

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says it is “hard to say” whether the risk of nuclear war had increased with his military’s territorial gains

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 6:45 AM

Sri Lanka begins crucial debt restructuring talks with China

Sri Lanka’s government has started debt restructuring discussions with China, an important step toward finalizing an International Monetary Fund...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 6:38 AM

France fights winter shortages with new energy-saving drive

Under the watchword “Every gesture counts,” France's government is detailing an energy-saving drive to get the country through the winter without...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 6:00 AM

Fetterman records show light schedule as Pa. lieutenant gov.

In his campaign for a crucial U.S. Senate seat, Democrat John Fetterman takes credit for transforming Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor’s office...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 5:48 AM

Israel's Netanyahu leaves hospital after overnight stay

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been released from a Jerusalem hospital, his party said, a day after he was admitted...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 4:10 AM

Babies in Tigray dying at 4 times pre-war levels, study says

Babies in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region are dying in their first month of life at four times the rate before the war cut off access to...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 2:12 AM

EXPLAINER: Russia's military woes mount amid Ukraine attacks

Even as the Kremlin moved to absorb parts of Ukraine in a sharp escalation of the conflict, the Russian military suffered new defeats that...

politics / Thu, Oct 6, 2022 1:15 AM

Arizona weighing in-state tuition rate for some non-citizens

Arizona voters this November will decide whether to allow students regardless of their immigration status to obtain financial aid and cheaper...

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