OSU band has 1st performance without fired director

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio State University's celebrated marching band has made its first performance without director Jonathan Waters, who was fired amid allegations he knew about and ignored "serious cultural issues" including sexual harassment.

The band performed Friday night with the Columbus Symphony in what is often considered its unofficial season kickoff. Attendees tell WBNS-TV in Columbus that they are saddened by what happened and came out to support the band members for all of their hard work.

Some concert-goers say they won't allow the reports of sexual harassment and alcohol abuse within the band to diminish their support of Waters.

Waters had led the band since 2012, and served in lesser capacities for a decade. His popular halftime shows drew millions of viewers on YouTube.

Fledgling university President Michael Drake on Thursday released details of a two-month investigation found Waters knew about and failed to correct a "sexualized" culture where students were pressured to march in their underwear and earn sexually-themed nicknames.